Gingerberry Designs was created by Sandy Austin as an expression of her love of animals and her unique artistic ability.

Sadly Sandy lost her battle with cancer in January 1999. Her designs live on as a legacy to her special talent. Throughout her life Sandy was devoted to her animals, the dogs she showed, she bred and rescued and to the many others, the horses, the rabbits, the poultry - that filled her home. Sandy began her design training at Brighton Art College and later focused on a Jewellery and Silversmith course for which she gained a Degree at Sheffield Art College. After initially working for a manufacturing jeweller and then engaging in teaching enamelling Sandy launched 'Gingerberry Designs'.

Over forty years later her designs have a Worldwide recognition. Through judging and showing and through years of study Sandy gained an exceptional knowledge of dogs and was able to express this in her work, depicting accuracy, movement and character. Gingerberry Designs has always set the standard in animal jewellery.

Sandy's designs are now available in a variety of styles, brooches, pendants, bracelets, geode table pieces, trophies and earrings in gold, silver, bronze and brass. They are all Sandy's creations and are still very much sought after as quality jewellery items and collectables and throughout a Worldwide market. We have a number of outlets including our own Crufts Stand, breed clubs and mail order.

Tim Austin

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